How you gonna see me now

Alice Cooper

 Alice Cooper
Tom: D
Obs.: Feita para piano mas possível também com violão normal ou com 7
      cordas pra dar mais drama a música.

Dsus2                     G
Dear darlin' surprised to hear from me? 
Dsus2                               Bm     
Bet you're sittin' drinkin' coffee, yawnin' 
Just to let you know 
          Gsus2        G
I'm gonna be home soon 
I'm kinda awkward and afraid 
         D/A                   A    C7
Time has changed your point of view 


How you gonna see me now 
Please don't see me ugly babe
               Dm            F7 
'Cause I know I let you down 
In oh so many ways 
              Bbm        Bbm7 
How you gonna see me now 
                    F       Dm7
Since we've been on our own 
              G7sus4       G7/B 
Are you gonna love the man 
         C7            G/A A7
When the man gets home 
Dsus2                 G
Listen darlin' now I'm heading for the west 
Straightened out my head 
           Bm       G
but my old heart is still a mess 
Yes I'm worried honey 
             Gsus2          G7
Guess that's natural though 
It's like I'm waiting for a welcome sign 
       D/A         A    C7
Like a hobo in the snow 



    Bb                      C7sus4 
And just like the first time 
           C7        Am7b5   D7sus4
We're just strangers again  
             D7/A           Gm7   
I might have grown out of style 
In the place I've been 

F F7

    Bb                      C7sus4 
And just like the first time 
        C7        Am7b5  D7sus4
I'll be shakin' inside   
       D7/A        Gm7   A7sus4 
When I walk in the door 
            A7          Dsus4   D
There'll be no place to hide 

C7sus4  C7

[ E vai embora repetindo a primeira parte e o refrão. ]
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Composição: Alice Cooper / Andy Shernoff / Bernie Taupin / Bubba Strait / Jimi Hendrix / Johnny T / P. Marazzi / Townes Van Zandt
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Contribuição: Lion Phoenix
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