Tom: C
    Am    Bb7                      Am    E7   Am   A7
Summertime,        And the living is easy
         Dm        F7                        F#m7  B7     E7
Fish are jumpin'        And the cotton is    high

Am                  Bb7                           Am        D7
Oh, your daddy's    rich     And your mama's good lookin'
    C          Am       D7    E7          Am    D7     Bm7  E7
So hush little baby    now    don't you   cry

              Am      Bb7                         Am      E7    Am   A7
One of these mornin's        You're gonna rise up singin'
             Dm                F7                   F#m7  B7      E7
Then you'll spread your wings       And take to the sky
              Am         Bb7                  Am        D7
But til that mornin'        Ain't nothin' can harm you
            C             Am      D7    E7           Am      Bb7     Am   Bb7   Am 
With your daddy And your mammy          standin'     by
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Composição: Beef Bonanza / Johnny Mandel / Maybelle Carter / Red One
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