Take All Of Me

Hillsong Music Australia

 Hillsong Music Australia Compositor: Marty Sampson
Tom: A
OBSERVAÇÃO: Esta é a versão do "For All You've Done"

INTRO: ::  A4  A  :  A4  A  :  A9/E  E  :  A9/E  E  :
        :  Bm7  :  F#m7  :  E4  :  E  ::

              A              D9
You broke the night like the sun
               A         D9         F#m7        D9
And healed my heart with Your great love
      A                 D9   
Any trouble I couldn't bear
           A9            D9        E4    E
You lifted me upon Your shoulders

A love that's stronger
            A9      E
A love that covers sin
    D9                     Bm7(11)
And takes the weight of the world

  A4    A
I love You
A4        A       A9/E    E    E4   E
All of my hope is  in    You
       Bm7            F#m7
Jesus Christ, take my life
            E4    E       [ D9(11aum) - pra ir p/ 2ª estrofe ]
Take all of me

              A                D9
You stand on mountaintops with me
A              D9             F#m7(11)    A9/D    F#m7(11)   D9
   With You I walk through the valleys
              A            D9
You gave Your only son for me
A                D9      E4     E
   Your grace is all I rely on

  A4    A   E
I love You  so
      F#m7        D
And I give up my heart to say
   A       C#7(11)
I need You so
   F#m7     E    D9
My  e  -  very - thing

TAG: ::  A9  :  E  :  F#m7  :  D9  ::

FIM: ::  A9  ::
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