Stairway To Heaven

Led Zeppelin

 Led Zeppelin
Tom: C
(intro) Am Am/G# Am/G D/F# F7+ G Am
        Am C D F7+ Am C G D C D F7+ Am C D F7+

          Am         Am/G#
There's a lady who's sure
         Am/G        D/F#
All that glitters is gold
          F7+                G   Am
And she's buying stairway to heaven
         Am              Am/G#
When she gets there she knows
        Am/G          D/F#
Is the stores are and closed
With a word she can get
         G    Am
What she for
 C   D F7+ Am
Ooh, o........oh,
          C          G         D
and she's buying a stairway to heaven
          C           D
There's a sign on the wall
        F7+         Am
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes
D              F7+  Am
Words have two me...anings
     Am          Am/G#
In a tree by the brook
        Am/G         D/F#
There's songbird who sings
Sometimes all our throughts
           G   Am
   are misgi...vings

(solo) Am    Am/G#    Am/G
       D/F#  F7+      G
       Am    G

D4    D             (Am7  Em D C D)
Ooh,   It makes me wonder
D4    D             (Am7  Em D C D)
Ooh,   It makes me wonder

          C           G/B
There's a feeling, I get
When I look to the west
         C         G/B       F Am
And my spirit is crying for leaving
         C              G/B
in may thoughts I have seen
           rings of smoke
         Trought the trees
         C        G/B
And the voice of those who stand
F  Am   (C G/B Am7)
   ooh it makes me wonder,
    D4 D                Am7 Em D C D
   ooh  it makes me wonder
              C          G/B
And then whispered that soon
If we all call the tune
          C          G/B       F   Am
Them the piper will lead us to reason
       C            G/B
And a new day will dawn
For those who stand long
         C                 G/B   F Am
And the forests will echo with  laughter, ooh...

C G/B Am7 (Am7 Em D C D)

C           G/B            Am
 If there's bustle in your hedge-row
   Don't be alarmed now
C                    G/B
 It's just a spring clean for
           F    Am
       the May Queen
C                G/B               Am
Yes, there's are two paths you can go by
 But in the long run
               G/B                 F    Am       C G/B Am7
There's still time to changed the road you're on
D4  D             (Am  Em D C D)
And   it makes me wonder
D4  D
C          G/B        Am
  head is humming and it
Won't go in case you don't know
C             G/B
  The piper's calling
              F Am
    you to join him
C          G/B
 Dear lady can you hear
    the wind blow
   And did you know
C                G/B         F  Am
  Your stairway lies on the whispering wind

(solo) C  G/B D  D4 D
       C  D4  D  C  G/B
      (Am     G  F  G)

(Am G F G)
          And as we
    wind on down the road
 Our shadows taller than our soul
 There walks a lady we all know
 Who shines white light and
    wants to show
 How everything still turns to good
 And if you, listen very hard
 The tune will come to you at last
 And all are one is all
 To be a rock
               (Am G F G)
    not to roll
 And she's buying a stairway
    to heaven
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Comentários 9

  • evinh evinh: Postado em 31/01/2014 23:37

    legalzinha ela acustica,mas aprender a original é melhor,mesmo que demore.

  • Lucas Lucas: Postado em 18/06/2013 13:59

    Aprendi a toca ela com 11 anos e agora aprendi a tocar na double neck

  • gunsandguitars gunsandguitars: Postado em 04/07/2012 02:38

    _Will_ , o solo tem na outra cifra ! essa cifra é como uma "simplificada" .

  • _will_ _will_: Postado em 27/08/2011 17:25

    Porfavor coloquem a Vídeo-Aula completa com SOLO !!!

  • mr.leo mr.leo: Postado em 15/08/2011 18:16

    Mto daora essa musica

  • feliperere feliperere: Postado em 15/08/2011 15:55

    essa musica e irada

Composição: Jimmy Page / Robert Plant
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Contribuição: Layslla
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