Son Of Man

Phil Collins

 Phil Collins
Tom: D
Oh, the power to be strong
And the wisdom to be wise
All these things will
Come to you in time
              G                          D
On this journey that youre making
                   A                       Bm
Therell be answers that youll seek
            G                            D
And its you wholl climb the mountain
      A                            Bm
Its you wholl reach the peak

   G                    D        A
Son of man, look to the sky
  G                    D     A
Lift your spirit, set it free
  G                         D              A
Some day youll walk tall with pride
  G                         D     A         D
Son of man, a man in time youll be

D, Bm, G, A
                       G                        D
Though theres no one there to guide you
      A                       Bm
No one to take your hand
              G                     D
But with faith and understanding
             A                          Bm
You will journey from boy to man

   G                    D        A
Son of man, look to the sky
  G                    D     A
Lift your spirit, set it free
  G                         D              A
Some day youll walk tall with pride
  G                         D     A         E
Son of man, a man in time youll be

In learning you will teach
And in teaching you will learn
Youll find your place beside the
Ones you love
                         A                  E
Oh, and all the things you dreamed of
          B               C#m
The visions that you saw
                 A                   E
Well, the time is drawing near now
      B                      C#m
Its yours to claim in all

   A                    E        B
Son of man, look to the sky
  A                    E     B
Lift your spirit, set it free
  A                         E              B
Some day youll walk tall with pride
  A                    E     B         E
Son of man, a man in time youll be

E, C#m

Son of man,
   B                            E
Son of man's a man for all to see
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  • mbaye mbaye: Postado em 07/04/2011 07:29

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    contatto con me questa e-mail (
    Yours Roseline

Composição: B. Bailey / Diego Vanegas / Johannes Halbig / Phil Collins / Stephen Lynch / Tyler
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