Tom: C
Afinação: D G C F A D
Intro:  C  F  F  C  C  F  F  G  G7

    C                    G             C
Where you can hear the Country song from far,
and someone play the honky tonk guitar
      G7                                 C
Where all the lights will go out one by one,
           D7                                  G       G7
the people join the song and the wind takes it away
     C                                  G    C
Where the Mississippi rolls down to the sea,
and lovers found a place their like to be
           G7                       C
How many times before the song was ending,
           D7                      G         G7
love and understanding everywhere around

C       C       G7       C
Mississippi, I remember you,
                    G                          D           D7              G       G7
whenever I should go a-way, I belonging for the day when I will be in Greenville again
C       G       G7        C
Mississippi, you´ll be on my mind,
F            C                   G                         G7      C
everytime I hear this song, Mississippi roll along until the end of time
Mittelteil:   C   F   F   C   C   F   F   G   G7
      C                              G          C
Now the Country song forever lost it´s soul,
when the guitar player turned to Rock ´n´ Roll
               G7                         C
And everytime when Summer nights are falling,
              D7                              G       G7
I´ll always will be caught in dreams of yesterday

C       G
Mississippi, ...
F                     C                      G                     C
everytime I hear this song, Mississippi roll along until the end of time

Outro:  C  F  F  C  C  F  F  C
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