Who Do You Tell


Tom: A
Tabbed by:Jeff Kamungu


       A           E            F#m             A sus      A (on D)


      E            F#m          A sus           A (on D)    E


      F#m          A sus         Bm7         Bm7           Esus7/


Bridge chords:D                  E(on D)             Em          G (on A)

             A                  Bm                   F(on G)   ...........E

Am not quite familiar with the spacing between the chords but this is just about how the 
is played through.

Verse 1:
There You Were In A Crowded Room
With Someone At Least I Assume
How Did I Know I Would Fall In Love
With You...
So Soon...
Just One Look In You Eyes And I See The Truth
And I Try Hard To Hide That I'm Made For You
But I Know Deep Inside Things That We Could Do
Just As Long As Were Together... Oh..

Hoping That Someone's In Love With You
I Think I Might As Well Tell You

Verse 2:
I Can't Believe That I Feel This Way
There Is So Much That I Want To Say
I Wan't To 
(Touch You) Hold You
(Feel You) Please You
As Were Making Love All Through The Night
We Would Talk To Each Other
We Would Laugh And Play
We Would Play This Forever Every Night And Day
We Would Share Every Memory 'Till The End Of Time
(In My Mind) In My Mind Baby.. Oh..

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

Verse 3:
Oh I've Hesitated Much Too Many Times
And I Won't Let You Step Away From Me.. No..
I Know Your'e For Me And Me For You
(Ooh) But I Don't Know What To Say Or Do..
So Now That Were Together I'm Telling You..

Chorus (1x)

I Think I Might As Well...
Tell You...

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Composição: Delegates / E. Montilla / Emilio Regueira / Graham Crabb / Kool Moe Dee / Mark Perry
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