House Of The Rising Sun Intro

The Animals

 The Animals
Tom: C
 The House of the Rising Sun
 Submitted by Halfdan Baadsvik
 Tabbed by Halfdan Baadsvik and Lars Havro

 I've seen many submitions of this song with 
 the correct chords. But the arpeggio is not 
 so good on all of them. Some are almost OK,
 some are bad and some are just  downright 
 But THIS verson is very close to the autentic 
 sound. Actually, I don't think it's possible
 to get any closer.

    Am          C           D            


    E           F


 * - Let your plectrum slide down the strings on these
     notes. If you didn't get that, mail me and I'll try
     to explain it another way.
 Questions, comments and suggestions to *
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