Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

The Honkers

 The Honkers
Tom: C

At last, I'm falling in love
I've been in the clouds 
I'm flying only to see her
For the life of me, blue sky 
I just wanna say, "I love you"
One more time 

For all I know
Planes are a fool-proof way 
I feel it in my bones
That this one is for the birds 
It's a fucking crummy plane, my love 

In a shake, in a flash
In any event 
This plane will burst into flames 
At best, to cut a long story short 
In that joke of God
I'll die like a dog 

Come what may
Our kisses are forever 
Under a cloud
The coast is clear to fly (high) 
Keep body and soul together 
Between the devil and the deep blue sea           Chorus:G Bm Am7 D7 
We're falling in love                                    G Bm Am7 D7 
I'm crying                                               G Bm Am7 D7 F Am7
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Composição: The Honkers
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