Do You Remember Walter?

The Kinks

 The Kinks Compositor: Ray Davies
Tom: A#
Walter, remember when the world was young
                      Eb         Bb
And all the girls knew Walter's name?
F                     Cm               F              Bb
Walter, isn't it a shame the way our little world has changed?
Cm7                                               D                G
Do you remember, Walter, playing cricket in the thunder and the rain?
Cm7                                               D                G
Do you remember, Walter, smoking cigarettes behind your garden gate?
     Ab           Eb
Yes, Walter was my mate,
    G                F                     C
But Walter, my old friend, where are you now?

Eb        Bb
Walter's name
F                     Cm               F              Bb
Walter, isn't it a shame the way our little world has changed?
Cm7                                                   D                G
Do you remember, Walter, how we said we'd fight the world so we'd be free.
Cm7                                                  D             G
We'd save up all our money and we'd buy a boat and sail away to sea.
     Ab           Eb
But it was not to be.
  G                  F              C
I knew you then but do I know you now?
C                                                    Eb     Bb
Walter, you are just an echo of the world we knew so long ago
F             Cm7               F             Bb
If you saw me now you wouldn't even know my name.
I bet you're fat and married and
                       D               G
you're always home in bed by half-past eight.
And if I talked about the old times
                                  D             G
you'd get bored and you'll have nothing left to say.
     Ab           Eb          G           F              C
Yes people often change, but memories of people can remain.
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Composição: Mano Cabuloso / Ray Davies / S. Tyler
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