Longing To Belong

Eddie Vedder

 Eddie Vedder
Tom: C
Intro: C F C F

C                        F
I'm falling harder than I've
C                F
ever fell before
C                       F
I'm fallin faster  hoping
C                     F
I'll land in your arms
Dm             A
Cause all my time is spent here
F              G7
Longing to belong
       C F C F
to you

Instrumental thingy:

C                         F
I dream of circles perfect 
C                    F
eyes within your face
C                            F
My heart's an open wound that
C                F
only you replace
Dm              F#          G
And though the moon is rising 
Dm             F#         G
can't put your picture down
Dm            F#           G         C F C F
Love can be frightening when you fall
Dm               A
And when the time is right 
F                    G7
I hope that you'll respond
Dm                        A
Like when the wind gets tired
F                      G7
and the ocean becomes calm
Dm                     A
I may be dreaming but I'm
F                G7     C F C F
longing to belong to you
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Composição: Billy Joel / Eddie Vedder
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Contribuição: Gonçalo
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