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Skinny Tie Sensurround

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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

kinny-tie says we forgot the 80's too quickly. Like when the
aesthetic mattered
more than the content and the streaks in your hair were louder
than your
guitars, or more lately your synthesizers. skinny-tie says that
he wants to
look like simon le bon you know 81' 82' kinda time, maybe later.

it's the sound, it's around
it's skinny-tie sensurround

skinny-tie says that his mum is worried about the eye liner in
his pocket. says
it's not natural and that his dad would be turning in his grave
if he knew. he
comes across some sort of half-baked, half-hearted point about
knowing full well that he'd never deviate no matter how much he
himself otherwise.

skinny-tie reckons it impresses the girls how he's free thinking
and stuff. not
like these lads that are so common you know. only he doesn't
realize how much
we see through him. skinny-tie is just someone you know and not
someone you'd
call a friend. you wouldn't notice if you hadn't seen him for
weeks, but you
know you'll see him again.

it's the sound, it's around
it's skinny-tie sensurround

skinny-tie always asks where the cool party is, but never goes
because he
chickens out of wearing that gold silky suit that he saw spandu
ballet wear on
top of the pops and sounds of the 80's. skinny-tie doesn't
realize that no
matter how defensive he gets about it, the 80's probably sucked
if you weren't
a kid.

it's the sound, it's around
it's skinny-tie sensurround

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