Don't Cross The River


Composição de: Dan Peek
tom: G (forma dos acordes no tom de F ) Capotraste na 2ª casa
Capo on 2nd Fret 
 Dm                           G
There's a little girl out lying on her own 
Em7              Am
She's got a broken heart 
 Dm                           G
She's not the kind to take you down for long 
Em7                    Am
She knows and plays it smart 
Dm             G
And if she's comin 
     Em         Am
She's showed no mark 
 Dm             G
She's heard no whistle blowing 
Em7      Am
From the dark 
Dm                G
She feel's like leaving and she 
 Em7       Am
Don't know why 
Dm                         G7
Without no bridges She's trapped 
So I sigh 
C               F           C               F
Don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide 
C            F            C            F
Don't try denying living on the other side 
all your life.... 
        F  Bb   F
You were on your own 
Am                    F        C
And If you want you can ride my Train 
     E                               C
And soon forget the reason that you're leaving 
        F              Dm7   G7  C
You'll lose yourself and then sometime 
          C7                F
Maybe even save yourself some grieving 
  Dm7      G     Em       Am      Dm7       G7        C
Oh ____________Oh______________Oh___________Oh_______________
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