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Sprouts Of Time


Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: C
I lay my eyes in the past
From the first day to the last
Several things we had to learn
Countless mistakes from times of yore
Gm   Dm        Gm    Dm
Now we restart, we recreate
Bb       Am      G13
Your present is your fate
Don't turn your backs on mankind!
Only yourselves you wanna save
Ignorance burns just like a fire
Consuming people on its flame
Gm     Dm        Gm    Dm
Fellow creatures, so wonderful!
 Bb       C    G    A/G  Bb/G C/G
So different and so grand
D#    F   Gm
Sprouts of time
 Fsus4  F  Bbsus4 Bb
The roots evolving
  D#       F/D#
The seeds for the future
   A#/D       Fsus4
were scattered yesterday
    F#°    Gm       F    D#   F/D#
Tomorrow's harvest field we plant today
  A#/D          Fsus4
Your crown will ever last
            G        Em F ( G Em F )
The tall trees of life

(solo) E     A      Bm     A/C#    G     E    A    Bm    A/C#   Dm    C/E

(solo) Fm    C      Fm     C       D#m   C#   Csus4   C

(solo) Bbm   G#     Gsus4  G       Esus4 E

Am      Em
(Life experience)
Break your shell reach the light!
Am     Em
(Mind and soul)
Find your path to the skies
        Bm      Am    G
(Will come around on a thunder sound)
F5      F      F4           A  B/A  C/A   D/A
Raging with power and fury the new born world
F   G    Am
Sprouts of time
 Gsus4   G  Csus4 C
The roots evolving
  F        G/F       C/E
The seeds from the past branching out
     Gsus4   G
Growing forever
F  G   Am
Hands on heart
Gsus4 G   Csus4  C
Embrace each other
F        G/F      C/E
The dances, the faces, the smiles
Behind the past
     G#°      Am
New seasons bring the chance
 G     F    G/F
To start again
   C/E           Gsus4
Tall trees will ever last
The circles of life
Composição de Bittencourt / Kiko Loureiro
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Lucas Santos
  • Raisa Barbara
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