Cifra Club

The Ultracheese

Arctic Monkeys

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: Bm
A  A7                       D
    Still got pictures of friends on the wall
Suppose we aren't really friends anymore
              Bm                                          A
Maybe I shouldn't ever have called that thing friendly at all
Get freaked out from a knock at the door
When I haven't been expecting one
                       Bm                           A     A7
Didn't that used to be part of the fun, once upon a time?

We'll be there at the back of the bar
In a booth like we usually were
                     E         E7                A     
Every time there was a rocket launch or some big event

What a death I died writing that song
Start to finish, with you looking on
It stays between us, Steinway and his sons
                       A     A7
Because it's the ultracheese
Perhaps it's time that you went for a walk
Dressed like a fictional character
                          Bm                   A   A7
From a place they called America in the golden age

Trust the politics to come along
When you were just trying to orbit the sun
                               E                           E7        A
When you were just about to be kind to someone because you had the chance

  A7                        D                    D/C
I've still got pictures of friends on the wall
                   G                      G#º
I might look as if I'm deep in though
                     F#m          Bm            E   Gm  A
But the truth is I'm probably not    if I ever was

[Solo] D  A  Bm  A

A7                    D                 Dm
Oh the dawn won't stop weighing a tonne
                      A           A G# G      F#
I've done some things that I shouldn't have done
But I haven't stopped loving you once    ohhhhh
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Outros vídeos desta música
Composição de Alex Turner
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