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      Axel Rudi Pell

      Dont Say Goodbye

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      Tom: C
      Tabbed by: Leakbox
      Email: *
      Tuning: Down 1/2 step
      This song is only on the "Ballads #3" disk.  It absolutely ROCKS.  Don't have the solo
      but someone should be able to add it.  What I have here is dead on.
         Am   G   Dm  Am  Am   G  Am
        Am             G      Dm                 Am     Am   G
         On a cloudy night I looked outside the window       Seeing faces disappear
      Repeat above for remainder of verse and verse 2
          Am                   G               Dm               Am
      The wheels of time are turning through endless days and nights
          Am         G             Am
      I'm hiding my face from the light
      Am      G          Dm               Am
      Holding on to the two sides of the coin
             Am        G                Am
      I'm blinded by lies too late to return
      Am        G        Dm             Am
      Late at night the fire starts to burn
               Am         G                 Am
      I'm a prisoner of flames will I ever learn
      Bridge 1
      F             G
      We're falling in and out of love
      Dm                  G
      Calling our hearts tears from heaven
      Chorus (This is hard electric power chords)
      C            G     Dm       Am
      Don't say goodbye love is forever
      F      C           G
      And I need you to stay
      C            G     Dm               Am
      Don't say goodbye we're so strong together
      F       C             G
      Don't leave me this way......
      Verse three and bridge #2 are the same as above:
      Am     G  Dm                Am          Am     G                   Am
      On and on we searched for fools' gold pulling down the trigger of love
      Am    G          Dm          Am   Am       G                Am
      Any chance we had is passing by just too late for another try
      F                    G
      Lonely hearts lost fires in the night
           Dm                     G
      The end of our romance in sight...
      Repeat chorus
      The solo is played over the chords from the chorus and then the bridge.  The remainder 
      just repeated.
      Rock on....
        Composição: Axel Rudi Pell

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