Story 2000


"hey fellaz!! (yeah!)
Can i get a sould clap?? (yeah)
Hey ladies!! (yeah)
Can i slap that lower back??(yeah)
Let the beat drop!!
(bout this shorty i met.. couple of days ago and shit..)

Hey yo shorty's off tha bar hook..
Shakin that ass..
She don't mind if we all look
It's all good
Oh yeah mommy let me holla at ya
You won't slip
Throw a dolla at ya

Honey dip was a thug bitch from bucktown
Lookin like she needed a good fuckdown
I was like damn momma you like ecstasy
Like james brown i wanna get it to it like a sex machine
I said yeah i'm feelin everything you do
She said.."oh yeah ain't you that kid from the yuuuuuu!!!"
I said yeah!! as i bit my lips
Hypnotized as while my eyes focused on her tits
I was like by the way whats your name??(she says)mary chacohn
She knew i was a dog that liked to bury the dong(the bone)
Well thats cool,
Just like i knew she was a bk hoe
That was only down for a tko
Aka blazy i tried to touch her ass
She was like "shit!! the least you could do is say please!")
I said heres my map, and the flyer wheres my shows at
She tried to get me back for touchin her ass and squeezed the bozak
I was like whoa!!momma i cought the steel wood,
But she whispered in my ear poppy that feels good
She asked can i have it tonight??
Yeah before 11, she was like
For sure my nigga round 7

So she gave me call around 7:00
She said patrick i really need some of your cock!!
I'm crazy horny i wanna ride the pony!
I told her i gotta long solami and thats no bologna.
So she came to my crib started my mind in the penis
I told her before i bust mommy bahapelogenis
I had her coochy juicy
She had my head dewy
When i pulled out my chewbacha dick she said
Thats all you heard when i pushed it (yaaaaayyyy)
The phsycho's no joke
And thats no bullshit
I made her come
Like niagra falls
Bam! bam! bam!
With my viagra balls
Like that baby
She scratched my back crazy
Who stroked her ass to sleep
My nigga pat blazy
She said (snoring oy oy oy)
(pitfight pitfight) (from the back)(saga continues)(sleep with me)(bring them
Belts right here)
This was a true story, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent
(patrick blazy) (chickens down here ya know)(yellow claw)(yeah now i ain't
Playin with y'all come on now my nigga pat blazy(big swinger)no good)(fly away)
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