Blue Island

Bee Gees

Composição de: Barry Gibb / Maurice Gibb / Robin Gibb
tom: D
Intro : G

G           D             Em
Living in a world that dies within
                 Bm                 D
You are they who try and touch the wind
You could be the blessed one that
 D                   C  G
Makes me love you

      G                     D             Em
      And doing what you've never done before
              Bm                 D
Taking every wave that hits the shore
                 C               Bm
You could be a silver star that shines
On my blue island
                 Am   G
It's Gonna be a Blue Island
              Am   G
See you on a blue island
              Am   G
Take you to a blue island

Solo : G D Em  D


Bridge :

Am    D
Blue Island

(G)    C
      You can see the rain

You can feel the pain
        C                      G
That no part of me is going through
(F)   C
      Everybody say, we can find a way
Do you know the place you're going to
                  Am   G
You're going to a blue island

G                 D                Em
This is what the lonely heart must know
                Bm                 D
This is what it takes to make it grow
You could be a child alone
 D                          C
But you may save the world
G              D                Em
Maybe it's the words that mean goodbye
                  Bm             D
There but for the grace of God go I
              C              G                 Am
I can see an open door that leads to my blue island
           Am   G
Gonna be a blue island
             Am     G
See you on a blue island
              Am      G
Take you to a blue island

Solo : G D Em  D

Am   G
Blue island
Blue island
Blue island
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