Ride Captain Ride

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Composição de: Carlos Pinera / Frank Konte
tom: D Afinação: E A D G B E
standard tuning (EBGDAE) 
 'hey is that freedom rock? well turn it UP dude!' 
 (no solos included, just my adaptation of organ/guitar chords 
 played in song) 
                   verse chord progression 
    Dsus2  D        Dsus2  D      E        E7       E  F  F# 
   G7                   G6    G6     Dsus2 D    Dsus2 D 
          end of verse chords         pre-solo riff 
             D5 Dsus4 D                            A 
            ---5--3--2--          -----------------0--| 
            ---3--3--3--          -----------------2--| 
            ---2--2--2--          -----------------2--| 
            ---0--0--0--          -----------------2--| 
            ------------          -----------------0--| 
            ------------          --2--3--4--4--5-----| 
          .....how it all goes together.... 
 (intro: D-C-D-C) 
 (play verse chord progression as shown above while singing; 
  I've included chord names but look at tab for voicings) 
 Dsus2  D         Dsus2  D 
 seventy three men sailed up 
          E          E7    E F F# 
 from the san francisco bay 
 rolled off of their ship 
      G6             Dsus2 D   Dsus2 D 
 and heres what they had to say 
       Dsus2  D              Dsus2  D 
 we're calling everyone to ride along 
 E      E7       E F F# 
 to another shore 
 G7                     G6 
 we can laugh our lives away 
        Dsus2  D       Dsus2  D 
 and be free once more 
 Dsus2  D          Dsus2  D 
 no one heard them calling 
 E            E7    E F F# 
 no one came at all 
 cause they were too busy watching 
   G6      Dsus2 D        D5  Dsus4  D ('end of verse' 
 those old raindrops fall                  chords) 
 Dsus2  D       Dsus2  D 
 as a storm was blowin 
 E            E7      E F F# 
 out on a peaceful sea 
 G7                        G6    Dsus2 D   D5  Dsus4  D 
 seventy three men sailing on to history 
 D                             A 
 ride captain ride   upon your mystery ship 
 A  B  C                                  D 
 be  amazed at the friends  you're having on your trip 
 D                             A 
 ride captain ride   upon your mystery ship 
 A   B   C                            D 
 on your way  to a world  that others might have missed 
  (next, play pre-solo riff 1x, and then play D-Bb-D-Bb-A chords 
   during 1st solo...) 
  (...now go back and sing/play 1st eight lines of verse (up to 
   and including "and be free once more" line...)) 
  (..finally, sing/play chorus again 2x, and then just play 
     chorus chords as 2nd solo fades out) 
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