Smoking 100S Alone

Bottle Rockets

Composição de: Brian Henneman
tom: G Afinação: E A D G B E
  General bass run with variations thrown in throughout the song.
   G                 D             G  Em                        D

 G    D    Em D
 G    D    Em D

 G               D    Em   (D)
She's smoking 100's alone
 G                           D      Em
Thinking  about the man that done her wrong
C                                   G              Em
happy that she kicked him out but sad that he is gone
C               D     Em   (D)
she's smoking 100's alone
G                  D            Em
another cup of coffee down the hatch
G           D                            Em      (G)
another cigarette as soon as she finds a match
C                            G                 Em
feeling more like a loser as each minute drags on
C               D    Em
she's smoking 100's alone

C                                        G          
everytime it ends up this way she says she Îs learned her lesson
C                                                   G          D
this time is he gone to stay she's getting tired of guessing
          G                  D                Em
then she looks at his dirty laundry down the hall
G                    D        Em   (D)
where's he at why hasn't he called
C                                               G          Em
he's got to know she'll take him back she's sitting by the phone
C           D      Em  C
smoking 100's alone
             Am     D     Em
yea she is smoking 100's alone


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| h  Hammer-on
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