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This is for deshawn, eastlawn, her mama and her friends
Lisa, tarea, lareya, tia, leeya, and kim
I love ya broads, no disrespect to my dawgs, but
Ilove ya broads, i love ya broads
To the ladies havin' babies w/o no drama
To the niggas w/ figures sayin' i love my babies mama
I bought those shoe, them tattoos, and put and even fix your breast
I push them aside and the flies ride, and put an "s" on your chest

This is for the ones who wild on it and put they mouth on it, then they suck eveything out it then they catch it and swallow it
I'm the weezie for sheezie, i'm of the heezie believe me
See i squeeze between it and i leave it so greasy
When i come through in a rolls royce
And leave them w/ no choice
Put the hop up on it and just let me make their throat moist
Ruben w/ vodka it just carry a nigga
Give me three minutes w/ the hoe make her wanna marry a nigga


Give me a project bitch, give me a hoodrat chick one that don't give a fuck, and say she took that dick
Give me a project chick, give me a hoodrat bitch one that don't give a fuck and say she took dick

My mamma send me by my grandmama my grandmama flipped out
And said that we ain't gonna have no evil in this house
So i rolled out and schooled me an ounce and sold out
And i fucked up when i start livin' in these hoes house
Niggas started fuckin'one broad
'cause she was suckin a niggas dick good adn keepin' it hardlettin a nigga cum
All over her chest and tongue
She keep slealin' but i stay 'cause her chilren
She was a hoe, she gave me heaf behind the building
I ain't sellin' records, but i'm out so i can make millions
If you wanna take it there we can break it off
'cause yuor pusy ain't gota nigga tweekin' all
I slang this dick summer, winter, spring, and fall
Ask me to lay it down and i'm bringin' it all
I'm tryin' to hit from the back until you yell oh lord
This mutha fuckin' dick is good and it always be hard


Look, a nigga can catch me readin'
Those white folks know we cold so we g-ed up
In my range rover four-door bd ah
Tattoos and new cars in these project cuts
And i got this niggas bitch i been waitin' to fuck
If this was us and ladies and bitches don't give a fuck
Project bssed and weezie say respect us
Bitch nigga find me in a 4-door lexus
I got a bitch shoot dice, a bitch who ain't right
I got a bitch who will front you work and will take your life
I got a credit card hoe, a scam type hoe like the snot on the same door
A dick suckin' crow, a calico hoe
And a real solid bitch out of chi-ca-go
I got a brat type bitch like to wine and shit
I got a project bitch like to start some shit

(chorus until music fades)

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Outros vídeos desta música
Composição de Bryan Williams/Byron Thomas/Tab Virgil/Terius Gray
Colaboração e revisão:
  • marina montanari

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