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Let Legend Mark Me As The King

Christopher Lee

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

When I pass from this world to the next
When I am laid and my soul is put to rest
My legacy will be there for all to see
For how long after I am gone will my deeds outlive me?

The apostle says we must all appear before our Christ
To judge my place in the world, the way I framed my life
'Tis a fearful thing to fall into god's hands
Only he who repents shall pass into the heavenly lands

When all the deeds of my life are played before my eyes
Will what I see come as a great surprise?
Life is short the hour of death uncertain
I must confess my sins before they draw the final curtain

Will I be remembered for my victories small and great
The glory of the Christian name I sought to disseminate?
Let legend mark me as the king
Of whom future generations will sing

Cast me not in my old age
When my will and strength doth fail
Forsake me not 'til I show forth Thy arm
To all the ages that are yet to come

All in time shall be revealed
When all is done my fate is sealed
In manus Tuas, Domine
Et anima mea quam redemisti

And will the Golden Age of Charlemagne
Glow more brightly long after my reign?
When all the battles have been lost and won

Will this warrior king in memory still live on?

It was with the sword I overcame my assailants
Those heathen hordes for whom menaces, gifts and presents
Seemed to speak louder than arguments and reason
I did what I had to, to spread the true religion

Was the terror of extreme punishment as a means
To enforce observance of the doctrines of peace?
There were of course moments I desired to surrender

My crown, robes, royal hoard and my holy scepter
Sometimes I wondered why
I could not retire from this world

To the peace of a monastic cell
Or a pilgrim to the road

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Outros vídeos desta música
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