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Ciccone Youth

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

We had just left shore when everything began to happen at once
the water came in and we started to go down
I looked at jill and she looked back,
thinking it would be alright to go down
but then the railings broke and the motors gave out
the hall emptied out and no-one was left for the band
the amps all wet, speakers burst, soaked

we, up three flight now, tried to meet up with the galley crew
but it seemed everyone had gone
we had a smoke to pass some time
Jill said "I'd love to, right now"
what could I say?
We did while the waters rose, licking our feet
it was fun and funny so we laughed
I loved the way she could laugh, so full bodied

when we hit the sky we were high over the rooves
a field of gnarled antennas coiling upwards
waves and waveforms joining in a nice hot blast
so different from the boat
the cold silver sky opened for us and we passed through
last I saw of Jill she was heading into the coils of the antennae
laughing, so beautiful
saying she hadn't yet had her fill of the boys there
and the electricity
saying she wanted to plug in again and fry a bit
I said: "watch the water love"
she kept laughing and shook her hair
she said "I'd love to, right now, you know"
so we did, and had a smoke too, and her lips parted
there in amongst the coiling snakes of an antenna
she looked right at home
the waves came up and a blinding flash caught me dreaming of her
as she looked all across with wires and spikes watching the blast
everything went orange and all my thoughts dissolved into the cloud
I thought one last: how different from the sea is the boat

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