L'amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You)

Clarice Falcão

Composição de: Luigino Di Agostino/ Carlos Montagner/ Paolo Sandrini/ Diego Leoni
tom: C Afinação: E A D G B E
C           Em             Am
I still believe in your eyes
F              C
I just don't care
              Em             Am
What you've done in your life
F          C          Em             Am
Baby I'll always be here by your side
F               C             Em
Don't leave me waiting too long
Please come by
     F               C Em Am F
And I'll fly with you

C   Em   Am   F

C          Em            Am
Every day and every night
F         C                 Em        Am
I always dream that you are by my side
F         C                 Em          Am
Because I, I'll make you love me someday
F                C
You'll be my baby
     Em         Am
And we'll fly away
     F               C Em Am
And I'll fly with you
F                C Em Am
I'll fly with you
F                C
I'll fly with you
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