Billy Crawford

Baby you can get it any which way that you like
Mami its cool there's no need to fight
I'm the urge you feel from dusk to dawn
When you think of me when you're all alone
From the shower to the bed to the flo'
You can get it I can give it we can go
In the night time at your place or mine
When you want me baby ring my line

Baby when the sun falls I'm that one the one you can call
We can make love 'til you climb the walls
I can make you wet as a waterfall
Best believe I got everything that you want and everything that you need
So baby when you in need don't you hesitate to see me

You can take a rest when the sun lights the sky
Sun comes down baby you and I
Can go at it again, when you call me again, when you want it again
Baby just say when
When you want it and you need it and I'm there
See you at work late at night I don't' care
I'm down to get next to you
Hit me around one or two

Don't hesitate and wait
It's never too late
For you to come, come around so I can lay you down
Any night girl it's cool for a midnight rendezvous
So when your shift is through here's what you can do

Baby you can come and see me don't you hesitate to see me
I've got all the love that you need baby you can come and see me
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