For Winter

Daniel Merriweather

When theres clouds theres always rains
when theres tears theres always pain
So im leaving it all behind me again..
cause im flying south for winter..

I know I should just hold on...
I know I should just be strong..
I been strong for far too long!
Im flying south for winter..

See these hands, I used for wrong..
see these feet, they walked for so long..
I seen that place, I been there and gone...
now im flying south for winter....

Tell me why you tot me none..
Now just look at what I have done..
Take my wounds and make them gone..
im flying south for winter...

Ill find a place where I can rest
take these worrys off my chest..
Ive done all I can.. I tried my best..
now im flying south for winter..

turn this water in to wine..
drown my sorrows one last time..
cause tomorrow! the sun will shine!
im flyin south for winter..

One day you'll wake.. and ill be gone..
From this place I been for so long..
and ill prey.. you here my song..
when your flying south for winter..
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