Domo Genesis

Im stacking money on top off money
And bitches under that, off of fucking raps
Once i master the craft then its a fucking rap
Plan my two feet on the map no matter where im at
Im making big moves, you can snooze
Im making fucking crack
Im never coming back, thats what i told my dorm days
Touched a little money, im addicted off of for play
Fucked lady luck
Now im cuming on that whores face
Fuck is luck
I see whats in my front like a horse race
Im on a fucking mish to get all of my niggas rich
And they never trip cause they already know i got this shit
Golf wang you a poser you can eat a dick
While i reefer twist, and be on point like a eastern pic
Living life by the horns, bitch nigga you need a grip
But you ain't got the drive or the talent to compete with this
I let the cameras flash on my half famous ass
And im cool with that, the hunger for more is what makes it last
Blowing tour money, just looking at this fucking swag
Niggas trying to do me is suffering like a succotash
My ambitions as a rider my mothers lag
Killing every thing
Tell the coroners bring a couple bags
Smokers going h.a.m
My fans tell me im fucking rad
Bitches getting thrown out the crib like they fucking jazz
Bel-air hopes, and domnier toasts
Bad bitches rolling weed wherever domnier smokes
And you can catch me in the grass like a fucking scare crow
Stoner swaging, fitted hiding my fucking hair bro
Im a beat im a monster, no really im a monster
You see the energy i be giving out at the concert
Air plane mode for them hoes blowing my line up
Game perfect, early saturday getting a line up
Im ducked, off in ladera somewhere, highered up
Smelling the loudest, it can't be really hard to find us
Fuck having friends
Nothing but fam roll behind us
We divide ends while you fuck niggas divide trust
Rolling that fine up, plotting getting rhymes up
Getting my eyes on the prize, bitch niggas yo times up
Im tougher than revenge on my ex bitch
When she gotta see me out in public with my next bitch
Mirror on the wall saying
Genesis the freshest of freshman
Even upper class take lessons
Wanna make some bread
Well im the shit you should invest with
If you ain't talking money
Then start heading to the exit
Everything i touch is like baker with a death wish
Its about that time that you give me my respect bitch
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