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The Way We Were

Donna Summer

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: Ab
Intro: C7+  Gm5-/7  C7/9+  Fm7

Well you ladies out there
you know what I'm
I'm talkin' 'bout ya
but you wanna know something?
did you ever try to remember or
or just place up a memory in your mind
and it always seems so far away
so hard to find

Ab7+      Db/Ab
Memories light the corners of my mind
      C7          Fm7     Eb7 Db7+
misty water-color memories
       Eb7    Ab7+  Db/Ab
of the way we were
            Ab7+   Db/Ab
Scattered pictures
                 Fm7    Fm/Eb Db7+
of the smiles we left behind
          C7          Fm7     Eb7
smiles we gave to one another
Db7+                   Eb7    Ab7+ Ab7
(oh yesterday) for the way we were

Tell me, tell me, tell me,
Or if we live although
Cm7 Bbm7
So simple When
   Cm7                          F7
Or how strong and writen every lie
Bbm7   Bbm7+             Bbm7
If you have the chance to live your lives again
Tell me, how many even would you live your lives again
How would to, you go
Ab7+     Db/Ab
Memories may be beautiful
Fm7    Fm/Eb  Db7+
Again, again
           C7          Fm7 Eb7 Db7+
What's too painful to remember
           C7        Fm7  Eb7 Db7
We simply choose to forget
Although it's so  nice so
Db7+            Cm7
We choose so to remember
Db7+   Bbm7  Eb7
Oh you know it is
           Ab7+ Db/Ab
The way we were
           ( Db7+  C7/9+  Fm7 )
the way we were

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Composição de Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman / Marvin Hamlisch
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