Just Another Song

Dust N' Bones

Composição de: Diego Junges
Well I guess, there is something, to remember here.
I would like to see how the things start to change.
The walls that you build. The games that you play.
The names you don't care, only they gonna change.

But I don't know. Why don't you talk?
The clock is counting my time, everything seems to be

Yeah I thought that I could make it last forever but
the time
I think I can't win the time! And I need you now
Well I've been running over, now I'm falling down, I
think you care...
You're never worried about... About me!

Well I guess, there is something to remind here
Remind who I am!
You bought your answers, sell they with the truth
Why don't you ask me about it?

Now you don't know. Cause I don't talk.
Clock is counting our time...

Yeah I thought I could show you any reason to change,
but I was wrong
Maybe you never change! And I need you so!
Now my box is empty and my heart is cold, I think I've
Is there anyone on my side? I won't forget!

How can I try? I'm really tired.I'm on my way home!
Now all has gone. My track is wrong. I'll never be
Sometimes my words, they doesn't say, all that I want
for you!
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