Ella Fitzgerald

Composição de: DuBose Heyward / Ira Gershwin
tom: F#
         Bbm7                         B7(9)
Summer time, And the livin' is easy
      Ebm                          F7
Fish are jumpin', And the cotton is high
  Bbm7                                    Ebm Ab7
Oh your daddy's rich, And your mama's good lookin'
  C#7M              F7       Bbm7   F7
So hush little baby,Don't you cry

         Bbm7                                      B7(9)
One of these mornings, You're gonna rise up singin'
        Ebm                              F7  Bbm7
You're spread your wings, And soar to the sky
  Bbm7                                          Ebm Ab7
But 'till that mornin', There ain't nothin' to harm you
C#7M               F7             Bbm7   F7
With your mama and your daddy, Standin' by
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