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Ballad Of a Well Known Gun

Elton John

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Tom: D
Intro: |  D   G/D   |  D  |

D                                                       G
I pulled out my Stage Coach Times and I read the latest news.
  A                  D                    G       A7        D   G   G/A
I tapped my feet in dumb surprise and of course I saw they knew.
    D                 G               D                G
The Pinkertons pulled out my bags and asked me for my name.
A                  D          A        *      D   D7   *   G/A   D   D7   *
I stuttered out my answer and hung my head in shame.

G/A         D                           A7
Now they've found me.   At last they've found me.
             G                   D
It's hard to run from a starving family.
G/A         D       *   G       D        G    *   G/D
Now they've found me.      Well I won't run.
*             D       Bm    A/C#    G          D
I'm tired of hearing "There goes a well-known gun".

D                               Em7/A        D             G
Now I've seen this chain gang - Lord, I say let me see my priest.
  A                         D               G       A7           D   G   G/A
I couldn't have faced your desert sand-old burning brown-backed beast.
     D                     G               D                   G
The poor house they hit me for my kin and claimed my crumbling walls.
A              D              A      *        D   D7   *   G/A   D   D7   *
Now I know how Reno felt when he ran from the law.


Oh, the well-known gun
(Now they've found me) There goes the well-known gun
(I said found me) There goes the well-known gun
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      Composição: Bernie Taupin / Elton JohnColaboração e revisão:
      • Élison Duarte

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