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Goin' Home

Elvis Presley

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: C
     E                             A
This proud wild land where the wind blows free
    E            C#m
Has always been a part of me
 A                   B                 E      B
It's in my blood, I just can't get it out
      E                A
For a hundred miles a man can see
    E                       C#m
And be about as wild as he wants to be
        A                 B                     E    B
If he feels like shouting all he's gotta do is shout
         E                  A
Where the purple mountains reach up high
     E                       C#m
And look like they're gonna touch the sky
           A                   B                 E    B
Where the canyon walls have stood for a million years
           E                 A
Where the days are hot, the nights are cold
     E                   C#m
The desert sand looks just like gold
        A                    B                   E     B
These trails were carved in sweat and blood and tears
           E                A
Where the painted desert as you pass by
      E               C#m
Looks like a rainbow in the sky
     A                    B            E    B
The cactus blooms in the early morning sun
          E                    A
Where the nightwings sing and eagles fly
     E                   C#m
The clouds paint pictures in the sky
    A                 B                     E
The coyotes howl tells you when the day is done

    A                                E
I'm coming home, this time I'm gonna stay
    A                            F#m7     B   A F#m  B
I'm coming home and I ain't never goin' away

    E                   A
My feet are itching to get back home
      E                           C#m
I've had the desert fever since I've been gone
   A                   B                E   B
I need some loving so bad that I can't see
        E                A
When a woman looks a man in the eye
     E                     C#m
You know it takes a man to satisfy
  A                  B                E  B
Thinking about them girls is killing me

           E  C#m      E   C#m
I'm going home, going home
       E  C#m          E   C#m
Going home, I'm going home
       E  C#m      E  C#m
Going home, going home
           E  C#m      E   C#m
I'm going home, going home
       E  C#m      E  C#m
Going home, going home....

Composição de Joy Byers
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  • Kelly rr
  • rafael diegas
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