(You're The) Devil In Disguise

Elvis Presley

Composição de: Bernie Baum / Billy Gant / Carmol Taylor / Florence Kaye / Norris Taylor / Rory Michael Bourke
tom: F
introd: Batida Rapida (Bb C F)  Segura em C

You look like an angel, you walk like an angel,
     Bb                            C
you talk like an angel, but I got wise.
                        F                  Dm
You`re the devil in disguise, oh yes, you are,
              F       Dm
devil in disguise, hmmmm.

1.   You fooled me with your kisses,
    you cheated and you schemed.
   F                      Dm
    Heaven knows how you lied to me,
            Bb       C       F
    you`re not the way you seemed.

2.   I thought I was in heaven,
    but I was sure surprised.
   F                    Dm
    Heaven help me, I didn`t see,
         Bb     C       F
    the devil in your eyes.

             F                  Dm
devil in disguise, oh yes, you are
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