Cifra Club

Mood Swings

Flatbush Zombies

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Yeah I'm so focused man
Smoking cali with my niggas bout 14 grams
Red hoopty swerving, matching the red of my eye
Devise a plan, come up on grams, same thing new shit
Tryna dip my balls in shawty drawers she told me that I'm naughty
I smoked it like a shotty, brooklyn stand behind we
I might be young black, smoother than ice-tea
Toking on that fine pine tree, make my eyes bleed

Feeling it like a viking on vicodin, riding on my bicycle high
My kush [of a night from the 90s?], I ain't tryin to see them behind me
Don't mind me, I'm just a young american man
With a plan too big to fit in my pockets
Let me stop at the store for a bottle
Pinch a little kush from my partner

That's my nigga I'm sure he won't mind it
Nigga it's the dest and the zombies
Who wanna contest and get clobbered
Huh, huh, check the style boy
Good joon signing out the overdoz wild boy

The kushin' got my eyes stain glass like mosaic
Know I'll be your favorite but if it's wack I won't play it
I'm sayin
Levitated thoughts, drug into your veins
Sandy out in cali, in new york we hurricane
Overdose of my own coast, in this worlds fair
If shawtys come in twos, I guess we can compare
If shawtys count your cash, make sure that this all there
Hit the bong, lighters in the air, for this nigga here

Hold the phone, no control, bitch I might overdose
Zombies, worlds fair, motherfucker, watch the chrome reload
Samo tatted on your bitch's titties nigga (bumbaclot)
Samo graffiti in your fucking city nigga
Passing on the blunt, never passing on the cunt
Straight action cleopatra while apache on the hunt
So boom bye bye and naughty boy header
Represent underground new york I'm master shredder

For the regular, don't think we going toe to toe with you
It's nothing tall with you, but this unity rolling over you
It's over dude, I want the crew to meet your boo thing
Move ring, ring around your eye, that's a mood swing
Felt the heltah skeltah of the welterweight champ
Watch their face plant, soon as they hear the bass amp
Do what they can, don drop the bomb, no time for shelter
I've been here, just waiting for that link like zelda, don

Cali sunshine on my face as I wake n bake
High as hell, fly as hell, can't hold me down but a paper weight
Closet filled with bathing ape shit looking like an [ape escaped?]
Nike free runs for the paper chase
Zooming from queens to flatbush to la then I'm overdosing
Not on heroin but [?] from chiefin' on potent
Don't front, you know I got your open
It's the original smooth queens nigga track flowing like

Karma is a bitch so I feed her good dick
Jimmy p, take the swish, roll it up and take a hit
I, live in the beat, I really don't exist
I, am like a glitch, eyes low, I spit like
Retarded kids 'cept I'm more genius
Spend it manure, that means shit, holds the door, might exist
Tenth floor rapid fire that means persist
Tenants inhale, hashish, that means that he's bent
Like a tenant, pay your rent, and bent

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Outros vídeos desta música
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