Ebb Tide

Frank Sinatra

Composição de: Carl Sigman / Robert Maxwell
tom: Bb Afinação: E A D G B E
F         Bb7M       Gm7            Cm7           F
First the tide rushes in Plants a kiss on the shore
     Bb7            Ab          G7            Ebm6          F7
Then rolls out to sea  And the sea is very still   once more
     Bb7M        Gm7             Cm7          F
So I rush to your side  Like the on...coming tide
     Bb7           Ab                 G7        Cm7
With one burning thought  Will your arms open wide
                        D7               Gm7                   Ebm6
At last we're face to face  And as we kiss    through an embrace
      Bb7M           Bb5+          Gm7            Cm7     F7      Bb7M
I can tell, I can feel  You are love, you are real    Really mine
        Gm7           Ebm6          Cm7
In the rain, in the dark, in the sun
 F         Bb7M         Gm7          Cm7           F            Bb7
Like the tide| at its ebb  I'm at peace in the web  Of your arms
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