Dream To Live

Great Big Sea

tom: G Afinação: E A D G B E
G                 D                   Em             C
Set off for america far across the raging sea
G                                                  D                                 Em       C 
From the frozen coves of my island home to the land of liberty
G                              D                  Em                      C   
I had to leave my girl behind until I make my way
G                                     D
Oh Molly dear please wait for me 
                Em                             D
I'll come back for you some day

G                                D                   Em                      C
We landed hard in Boston and I never seen the like
G                                       D                                   Em                C
A small boat boy from around the bay in this sea of shining like 
G                   D                            Em                                    C
two days in I got a got a job Building towers of high steel
 G                         Em                       C                                      G     
I had to learn to not look down and I quickly learned to kneel

G                            Em                                      C                        D
All I need is one good night sleep in your loving arms to mend
G                                        Em                            C                        D
Sleep to dream and we dream to live will I live to love you again
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