Live This Life

Great Big Sea

tom: D Afinação: E A D G B E
         D           G       A
In every life, there lives a melody
         D             A      D
In every heart, there hides a knife
      D          G        A
Every soul shall seek its harmony
      D                A      D
While every fist shall find a fight

       G          D
And we live this life
        G         D
Between wrong and right
       G        Bm
And I feel so alive
    G   A

[Verse 2]
Every dawn, a simple symphony
In every song, a broken line
In every day, a different destiny
In every love, there lives a lie


[Verse 3]
And every star, with night falls back to life
And every fire will lose its light
Every tear, you ever shed will dry
While every smile
Will burn on
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