The Jolly Butcher

Great Big Sea

Composição de: Jörgen Elofsson
tom: G Afinação: E A D G B E
Oh won't you come along with me love
 C       D       G
Come along with me.

Come for one night and be my wife 
     C      D        G
And come along with me.

G                                                   D
Well it is of a jolly butcher as you might plainly see.
       G                            F      C    D
As he rumbled out one morning in search of company.
G                                            D
He went into a tavern and a fair girl he did see
   G                                F    C       D
Ah come for one night be my wife, come along with me.

He called for liquor of the best 
And he made such fortune play.
Come for a drink it will make you think
         F         C     D
That it is our wedding day.


Well he called for a candle to light their way to bed.
And when he had her in the room these words to her he said.
A sovereign I will give to you for to embrace your charms.
And all that night the fair young maid laid in the strangers arms.


Ah early the next morning the charlotte went his way.
He looked onto the that fair young maid and onto her did say.
That sovereign that I gave to you. Now do not think me strange.
That sovereign that I gave to you will you give me back me change.
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