Stuff That Works

Guy Clark

Composição de: Guy Clark / Rodney Crowell
tom: C
I got an ol' blue shirt  
    F                C 
And it suits me just fine  
I like the way it feels  
So I wear it all the time  
I got an old guitar  
It won't ever stay in tune  
I like the way it sounds  
    G              C 
In a dark and empty room  
I got an ol' pair of boots  
And they fit just right  
I can work all day  
And I can dance all night  
I got an ol' used car  
And it runs just like a top  
I get the feelin' it ain't  
Ever gonna stop  

C          F                 C 
Stuff that works, stuff that holds up  
C                     G                C 
The kind of stuff you don't hang on the wall  
C           F               C 
Stuff that's real, stuff you feel  
    C                 G                 C 
The kind of stuff you reach for when you fall   
I got a pretty good friend  
Who's seen me at my worst  
He can't tell if I'm a blessing  
Or a curse  
But he always shows up  
When the chips are down  
That's the kind of stuff  
I like to be around  
I got a woman I love  
She's crazy and paints like God  
She's got a playground sense of justice  
She won't take odds  
I got a tattoo with her name  
Right through my soul  
I think everything she touches  
Turns to gold  
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