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Ankles To The Wall

Hand Of Mercy

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Setting sail, and I'm surely going to miss this place
With my problems behind me, free from the grind
Nothing ever comes that easy
Late nights and early morning lights
All the while trying to keep our heads held high
This is our life, and we're living for the days that'll never die...
Never die, these are the best days of our lives!

And I've seen this road a thousand times
And dwelled upon whether home is where the heart lies
Or will I make it out alive?
Ups and downs, smiles and frowns
Good and bad times always come around
And I've found to go it alone you'll never keep your own feet on the ground

Whatever stands in my way, I'll never bring myself to say
If the sky is the limit, the sky is falling down
Cities come and people go, it's become my home away from home
Days that aren't numbered, are what I've discovered
Never say the sky is falling down

Tell me that I'm a small fish in a big pond
I'd tell you Rome wasn't built in a day
And there's no reason to be throwing the towel in
Why should I compromise just cause of what you say?

You sit so scared in your own home
Never let out of your comfort zone
It's time to break down these walls
Can't say we've sacrificed nothing at all

So many suns left to sail off to, so many moons I've yet to see
The horizon is never ending, there's nowhere I'd rather be...
Rather be...

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  • Isabeline Brito

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