Cast In Stone

Iced Earth

Composição de: Dave Abell/Jon Schaffer/Matthew Barlow/Randall Shawver
On the fall of our kingdom time would never be the same
cursed mortals,their ignorance
brought about undying pain
not of life nor of death
light...we'll never see again

Entombed, now and forever by the suns blinding light
trapped by flesh turned to stone, set free by the night
lavish lords that we once were condemned to never die
as we watch the genocide from on high

Long ago...the first age of earth
from the dragons womb we're given birth
protectors of our fathers right
guardians of primordial light
how can we save our dying world
from the humans lack of sight

The darkest corner of your mind
is where we choose to live
reminding you of what you've lost
in your quest for dominance
of our children all is gone except the terror in your soul
our image cast in stone, which once was flesh and bone

The time will come when we rise and reclaim our domain
from the war and deceit which infests our world
we are all around you
watching, the shadows
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