Boat To Sail

Jackie DeShannon

Composição: Jackie DeShannon
Tom: G
       Am        D            Am   D  
You're up state, up late, and city fed 
      Am         D              Am        D 
I'm a California label from the top of my head. 
Forever, ah 

See a lot of open sky when the sun goes down 
There's a hot, lot of loving when you come around,  
To free me, ah 

 Refrão -------------  

   G                               C      Am  
In a boat to sail, boat to sail away, ah-ah 
          G                                     C      Am 
All those letters mailed from a boat to sail away ah-ah 
F#m           Fm           C    
We are riding in a boat to sail  


Bare foot, coconut and supermild 
Jamaica take a look at your own child 
Forget not 

Brian Wilson songs are never left behind 
Don't you worry baby, you're a friend of mine 
For so long                                         

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