Lucky Arms

Jason Allen

tom: E Afinação: E A D G B E
B   E  

        E (stop)      E  F#m  B  A
He's got...lucky arms?He gets to hold her
    B                       E
The way I know I never will again
They're dancing close
         E    F#m B   A
With her head on his shoulder
      B                        E
Lucky arms, lucky heart, lucky him

B                                   E
They don't see me standing in these shadows
B                               E
She don't know how bad my heart still aches
        A                       E
He's holding on to everything I let go
A                          B
Sure is making good off my mistakes.


E  F#m  B  A   B   E  A  B  E  

B                                   E
Before too long the music will stop play-in'
      B                                   E
He'll take her hand...and then he'll take her home
A                                    E
I can just imagine what he's sayin'
A                                         B
The way he's smiling I can tell he knows

Luck-y   arms, lucky heart
                                 E  A
He oughta thank his lucky stars
        B                        E
Luck-y  arms, lucky heart, lucky him.
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