Come On Teacher

Joel Plaskett

Come on teacher
Teach me something
Don't just fill my head with nothing
No no teacher
I'm still sitting
In this desk, no I'm not quitting
No no teacher
I won't give up
I just hope that I can live up
To your expectations of me
Teacher, you'll be so proud of me

If I just don't understand it
I should just be reprimanded
Make me stay here after school
While my friends go to the pool
Come on teacher, just admit it
You think that I will never get it
I'm the bad ass of your classroom
Now you've got a bad ass classroom
Come on teacher, won't you tell me
Why somebody just don't expel me?
I am so much slower than the others
It's a good thing I don't have any younger brothers

If for some reason I'm not present
Blame it on my adolescence
If for some reason I am tardy
It's cause I went out last night to party
Dans la French class je suis terrible
Apres l'ecole I'll be coming up to see you

I just noticed something lately
I've been here since 1980!
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