Getting Back Up

Tracy Lawrence

Composição de: Bobby Pinson / Marla Cannon-Goodman
tom: B (forma dos acordes no tom de A ) Afinação: E A D G B E Capotraste na 2ª casa
Capo: 2nd 
Intro: A 
A                            D/A 
My heart is thick , My pride bent 
A                                       D/A 
Her love is gone and who knows where it went 
          A                D/A 
And every day, Is one more day 
A                              D/A 
Little steps that I can barely take 
         Bm             C#m                D 
They say falling out of love's the hardest thing you'll ever do 
But it's not true 

Refrão -------------
              D, E             A 
It may be the fall that brings your to your knees 
         D         E              A 
Yeah the losing it all leaves you weak 
          D                    E 
Yeah your heart drops and your world stops 
            A       G#     F#m 
When you're falling out of love 
                 D              E 
But it's not the fall that's so hard 
It's the getting back up
I was ok at first, Then it started to hurt 
And the getting better just kept getting worse 
But as bad as it's been, I'm not giving in 
Slowly but surely I'm finding my feet again 
Every minute's one more minute I just made it through 
That's the best I can do 
2nd Half of CHORUS
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