Life Don't Have to be so Hard

Tracy Lawrence

Composição de: Casey Beathard
tom: Eb (forma dos acordes no tom de D ) Afinação: E A D G B E Capotraste na 1ª casa
Capo 1st Fret / Key of D# 
Intro:  D   G D    D   A D    D   G D    D   A D 
Don't wanna read the paper 
    G           D 
Or turn on the news 
Don't wanna another helping 
        A        D 
Of the same old blues 
Don't wanna call nobody 
    G          D 
Or answer the phone 
What I want is everybody 
     A         D 
To leave us alone 
--Chorus ("But do we" on 2nd / "So we can" on 3rd; instead of "Let us") 
        G               A 
Let us sit down in the porch swing 
Sip a little ice tea 
 G             A           D  Dsus2 D 
Play with the kids in the yard 
           G           A 
Hey, it's time to get lazy 
 D          Bm 
Had enough crazy 
 G                A      Bm   A 
Life ain't got to be so hard 
     G                 A       D 
Oh, Life don't have to be so hard 
-Break-> G D        D    A D 
            No, it don't 
Wanna stop and smell the roses 
   G           D 
I don't wanna run 
Wanna catch up on the talkin' 
     A           D 
That we haven't done 
The only big decision 
     G        D 
That I wanna make 
Is do we take this conversation 
 A           D 
Down to the lake? 
--Repeat Chorus ("But do we") 
Cadd9               Bm 
     More time with you 
                    D   Dsus2 D 
     Less time for worry 
Cadd9              Bm 
     More slowin' down 
                G    A 
     Less in a hurry 
--Repeat Chorus ("So we can") 
G D            D      A D 
   No, it don't baby 
-Solo-->(chorus chords) 
(fade out)
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