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Tracks of Decay

Light This City

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Here comes the train, pained and wailing
Eye focused on you warily, but still unblinking
Is this the one I'm supposed to bring?
For this next journey, endless and complex
Injuries you'll never be prepared to dress
A hundred stops you'll sleep away
Then wake to wish you hadn't and
You take your time packing light
I never could comprehend
How it took you hours to finally end
Up with a list of twenty forgotten things
To the naïve eye (not the headlight),
You might appear to actually care for something
But you're not guarding this life with your own,
Just risking mine
What a fucking waste. This time

Remember when I said you were bound to make another mistake?
Was it stupidity or a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Self-fulfilled, I should say
Unless you were planning on
One more fuck-up today?
Another idiot's dance, are we just supposed to watch and laugh?
We're far from amused; in fact we might as well be lying on the tracks

Here comes the crash, too fast to catch my heart,
Propelled from my chest while my body
Lurched and halted with the brakes
While everything else seems to slow around me
I can't believe this is happening again
I was never meant to be here, I complain
Because for a moment, the ride was steady,
But your devastation was inevitable
Expected, yet unavoidable,
Like the cycle of natural wildfire
The peril is far too close
To allow any delay in my stride
The deaths and wounds are far too real
For me just to stand and gape, wide-eyed
Like the crowd
That can't help themselves, or us
I'm sorry, but I won't be entertained by your train wreck life

Will it be neglect or abuse
That puts you underground?
Your tracks are sore from overuse
And they're finally wearing down
A scar for every accident
New waste to block the way
All aboard your train wreck life
Last stop, Tracks of Decay!

Composição de Laura Nichol/Light This City
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Marcos Ravi

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