Reppin Time

Lloyd Banks

New York City
It's me

GGGGG G-unit

Eh, You better watch your moves
Cause I am not your crew
I'm hoppin' through
Impossible to do what I can do
I found my meal ticket
Made it but I still kick it
Faded but I still notice the hate and learn to deal with it (f**k)
I'm on a level not everybody can get to
They've sent you a pitbull
My beam red, my wrist blue (Uh)
What's up guy? I miss you (what up?)
And until the day I'm with you
I'ma go hard to convince you
And push on like a pimp do (yeah)
If it went down it was meant to (uh huh)
it'll drive you or prevent you
Me with a instrumental makes it sound so simple

I hold the city down
I'm ridin' with the [?] round
Silly clown, I pull the ferrar up and [?] down

And my ceilings round
30 feet off the ground
30 minutes from the slum
run when you hear that sound (pow)
Man y'all done did it now
the hottest kid in town (yeah)
right on your f**king heels (YEAH)
run on and tuck your tails
You thinkin' couple dollars
I'm thinkin' couple mills
So my belt buckles froze
Man I just f**ked these ho's
You see my hearts been cold
Since I was nine years old
Bold, yet underage
Mind on another page
Eyes red as my grades
Stumbling through a phase
Momma did all she could
Shit ain't do no good

See once your lines flat
There aint no comming back
They don't really want no beef (Nah)
They just wanna rap
And that's my point exact
[?] just run and rat
And you'll be behind a cage
A number on a patch
Your destiny's been snatched
Apparently perhaps
I can make my mark with words
remember me through raps

So when I walk up
They'll be all stuck
From the porshe up
What it cost? What
Zero in on my zero's and cough up


Go 'head, let it out
It's ok to look as stupid as you sound, clown


I'm nothing like the ones you've heard
I came right off the curb
Made it big and that's deserved
You niggaz got the nerve
I gave the streets heat
And they livin' each week
The only way we sleep
Is six feet deep

Never bite the hand that feeds
Provides for your needs
We ride till we die
We die pop and bleed
Until they cock and squeeze
I get the [?] with ease
G's turn to millions
Millions turn into properties

I'm on the road to riches
A row full of six's
I'm cold as the pole
Won't fold for these bitches (NAW)
The flows brought the ho's
The ho's brought the shows
The show's brought the glock
The glock brought the drop
The drop brought the cops
The cops brought the cuffs
But I just bought the law
They'll get me out by four
Now holla at ya boy
Boy [?] get the bread
My weed is purple and my eyes is all red.
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