It's Raining Again


After the love has gone 
It's raining again (It's raining again) 
Shadows of loneliness 
It's raining again (It's raining again) 
And all that I am waiting for 
Is you by my side (It's raining again) 
After the love is gone 
It's raining again 
It's raining again 

Right Baby, me say no lies, Baby 
Me want to pull off your head so higher live your life Baby 
Say goodbye, Baby, say me say no lies Baby 
I want to see you with your pride and your dignity 
So if it's raining to the left 
And if it's raining to the right 
Come straight... you and see this on light 
If you look, you look so hard and ... something where you like 
Gimme a day, I know do it to make you fly like a kite 

Dance with me 
And you can romance with me 
I need to live no night to take a chance with me 
Say what you want from me 
I am a dreadlocks ....................... 
I'll be in a trip is satisfy your mind and body 
Say... ........................................... 
Cause I give you this ska loving and a skylarck 
If we try really hard we can make a new start 
Tell him that you stop........... everything you want 

We shared a love I never knew before 
And then it was one of these rainy days you left me 
Since you've been gone my life is so empty 
I thought our love would last forever 
But now I know, only dreams last forever
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