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Set it Off Troop

Lord Finesse

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Lord Finesse - Set it Off Troop

Yeah yeah, we cold in effect for '92
Yo Showbiz, let's take 'em uptown
Word, we gonna do this right just about know, know what I'm
I'm gonna do this

Set it off troop! Get busy! (With your black ass) (Repeat 4x)

I shoot and throw rhymes, get paid the whole nine
Microphone check 1, 2, yeah it's showtime
I gain fame when I entertain and make shit plain
Blowing motherfuckers out the frame
Cause niggas try and diss me, mock me, knock me
Try to like copy, but motherfuckers sound sloppy
I'm a hard hitter, so you figure that you rumble bigger
And when you hear me don't compare me to them other niggas
And fuck the heresay
Cause I hem a nigga up like motherfucking flare legs
And brothers that's trash I crush 'em fast
Straight up and down, fuck around and I'll bust that ass
Word, I serve opponents to the curb
I let you know I'm not the motherfucking herb
And if you thought I was well you figured wrong
Some brothers think they can hang, but what them motherfucking
niggas on?
Run son, I ain't the one bum, so dial 9-1-1
If you thought you was a motherfucking dum dum
Stand back, cause I drop knowledge, son
I school more niggas than a fucking Negro College fund

Set it off troop! Get busy! (With your black ass) (Repeat 4x)

One two yeah, and let's flip
Suckers better skip town cause I'm a kick some shit now
The style they hope to get, they can't cope with this
That's why they playing the back, taking notes and shit
They got problems just flipping poems
So whatever they smoking they'd better leave that shit alone
And y'all want to play hardball talking about
Tearing shit up, man you couldn't rip a cardboard
So don't sleep cause I'm a young fella
When I rain on that ass you'll need more than an umbrella
I'm no joke on a rap tip
I'll put my foot so far up your ass you'll be sitting on my lap,
I'm cooler than Superfly
I still get the girls without a motherfucking suit and tie
I keep a hoodie and a low one
Who's down with OPP? Yeah, I see you when my show's done
Mess around, I flip your frown
You suckers better step, but young ladies just stick around

Set it off troop! Get busy! (With your black ass) (Repeat 2x)

It's like that y'all, and I'm a keep flowing
So Showbiz keep the motherfucking beat going
Cause I'm a keep doing my thang
I'm straight making papes so everything's Kool & the Gang
I'm all about cash and females with bad figures
I don't have the time to be dealing with them crab niggas
And speaking on who's bad
I've been a bad motherfucker since niggas was wearing doo rags
It ain't no puzz or a riddle, see
Motherfuckers trying to hang but they belong in the little
Talking bout they can rag Finesse
Shit, I smoke them niggas like a bag of cess
Wrapped up in bamboo paper
Cause every time I get the chance I always kick some brand new
I can drive any child crazy
And why don't I dance? Cause that's not my style, baby
Girls claim I don't excite them
If I was singing and dancing then them hoes would be "I
like him!"
Yeah, that shit is so game
You wanna see a nigga dance then watch the motherfucking Soul
I'm hardcore, I'm not changing or chancing it
I'm real ill with skills so fuck all that dancing shit
And while I'm hanging niggas up like the Son of Sam
Let them other motherfuckers do the Running Man
Try and launch, you still couldn't harm this
Huh, I'll blow your monkey ass out the contest
On video or TV, tour bench or CD
LP or EP, them niggas can't see me
Yeah, so don't try to get fash, clown
As quick as you come, I sit your monkey ass down
Trying to hang with the man, maybe one day fool
But for now save that praying for Sunday school
Cause I'm a meanace that's in this to the finish
And if I think I'm all that then that's my motherfucking
I'm about to catch wreck (step to it kid)
(Who's the motherfucking man?) Y'all know who it is

Set it off troop! Get busy! (With your black ass) (Repeat 2x)

Composição de Robert Hall
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Débora Amorim

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